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Hostel Rules




 Student Accommodation: SIHM – Jodhpur provides accommodation for students in either the gentlemen’s or the ladies hostel. The charges for the room and the surcharge will be notified from time to time.

Hostel shall be allotted to the regular students of 1st semester as per the availability of the rooms strictly on the basis of Merit/ Rank in JEE (As per the NCHMCT list) and after clearing all the fees.

For 2nd & 3rd year students it is strictly on the basis of merit of the previous year examinations & conduct.

While taking allotment for the hostel room students must carry:

a) Institute allotment certificate

b) Hostel allotment certificate

c) 2 recent passport size colour photos

d) Copy of address proof (govt. Provided)

e) Copy of Photo ID (Govt. Provided)

f) Copy of Parents/Guardians address proof

g) Copy of Parents/guardians Photo ID

Hostel room allotment can be done by hostel authorities only; student’s or guardian’s request about selection of room cannot be accepted.

Separate undertakings in the form of affidavit must be given by the student and his/her parent/guardian as stipulated in the Institute website before the allotment of Hostel.

The institute will provide Cot, Almirah, study table and chair along with basic electrical fittings (multiple plug points with switch, fan and tube light). He/she will be responsible for the items given to him/her. Furniture should not to be moved from one room to another. Other items like mattress, bed sheet, pillow, bathing buckets and mugs, flask, hangers, broom, and toiletries will be arranged by individual hosteller. No TV or electrical gadgets are allowed in the hostel rooms except a laptop and music system duly prescribed.

Students may bring their personal belongings in suitcases and bags. These will have to be emptied except a small bag and all the personal items will be kept in the cupboards. Students will be required to take away all their personal belongings and suitcases at the end of each session or in case of rustication etc.

Keeping or using of two wheelers/four wheelers/ bi-cycles in the campus is strictly prohibited.

Each student shall stay in the room allotted to him/her and shall not change without the permission of the warden.

On allotment of a room to a student/group of students, they should check up all the room fittings, electrical fittings, fixtures and the furniture in the room. They should sign a receipt for the fittings/fixtures & furniture in the room in the record register.

It is the responsibility of each boarder is to see that no damage is done to the Hostel property. Common Hostel furniture or fixtures must not be moved without the permission of the Warden.

No boarder   should   see   the   Principal   for   ordinary   Class Teacher/Hostel warden is the right person for such matter.

Warden shall act as the disciplinary authority on all general matters relating to Hostel on behalf of the Principal. Only in exceptional cases, if any, the matter shall be referred to the Principal.

Hostel inmate is required to maintain a minimum of 80% physical attendance at any point of the session, failing which he/she is liable to lose right to stay in the hostel and may have to vacate the hostel on 24 hours notice.

Nobody other than the bonafide occupant of that particular room should be present in that room after 10:00 P.M.

The common room will ordinarily open at 7-00 AM and shall be closed at 10.00 PM. For any deviation, the permission should be sought from the warden.

If any individual or group is identified to have caused damage to the property of Institute, double the cost of damage will be recovered from him/her/group.

If damage is done in any of the hostel rooms and the hosteller(s) is/are not identified, then double the cost of damage will be liable to be recovered from the room-mates collectively.

If a damage is done outside the rooms, i.e., in common places like corridors, bathrooms, etc., and the hosteller(s) is/are not identified, then double the cost will be liable to be recovered, floor wise or block wise or on the whole as the case may be.

Hostel Inmates found guilty of causing repetitive damage to Hostel property will be liable to strict disciplinary action, which even includes expulsion from the Hostel.

Entry/ exit of Boy/ girl Boarders at Institute Main Gate on week days will be from 05:30 P.M. to 08:00 P.M. Beyond these timings, entry/exit at the Main Gate will be with the permission of the Parent/ guardian and the Warden.

Entry/ exit of Boy/ girl boarders at Institute Main Gate on Saturday, Sunday and other holidays will be from 08:30 A.M. to 07:30 P.M., adjustable to the conditions and as decided by the Warden of both boys and girls Hostel.

Any change/ modification in Hostel entry/exit timings by the warden will be abided by all Hostellers. Late comers seeking entry in the Hostel after the time as notified by Warden will be subjected to heavy fine/ disciplinary action.

All students while entering/ exiting the hostel will make relevant entries in the Entry/Exit Register kept at the respective Main/Hostel Security Posts. Else it will be considered as an act of indiscipline and liable for disciplinary action.

Attendance in hostel is mandatory. The responsibility of giving attendance at night will always be that of the students.

Wrong entry,   improper/   lack   of   entry   in   Entry/Exit   Register/Biometric deception/ impersonation in any form, tampering with the entries, proxy attendance and misguiding the staff in any manner shall be punishable.

Any meeting (parties or social gatherings) to be held in the hostel premises should have the prior approval of the Principal/Hostel Warden. Students holding unauthorized meetings will be expelled from the Hostel. Residents should not participate in any anti-national, antisocial or undesirable activity in or outside the campus.

Hostel will observe ‘Silent Hours’ between 11:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. on all days. Every resident must retire to his/her room by 11:00 p.m. This is to give all residents an opportunity for self-study. Residents are forbidden to play music, sing aloud, resort to shouting or to make any other kind of noise likely to distract the attention of those who may be studying.

Loud singing  and  playing  music  system  and  musical  instruments  in  the room(s) are forbidden.

Visit to hostellers is permitted from 09:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M. No visitor including Day Scholars is allowed in Hostels without Warden’s permission. In case any unauthorized occupant is found in any Hostel room, the bonafide inmates of the room shall be liable for disciplinary action.

Entry of male members is not allowed in the Girl’s Hostel premises beyond the Girl’s Hostel Security Post. Special reasons should be approved by the Warden and the Principal.

Students are not allowed to stay in the hostel during the class hours unless the stay is unavoidable due to illness or any other valid reasons. In such cases a  permission  to  be  obtained  from  the  concerned  warden  &  class teacher.

Use of electrical appliances such as immersion heaters, electric stove / heaters, induction cookware, A.C and Refrigerators are not allowed in the rooms. Such appliances, if found will be confiscated and a fine will also be imposed. However the inmate can take prior permission to use the Desert Cooler on payment of amount which will be specified by Accounts office.

Possession / distribution /Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Bidi, Tobacco, Gutka, unauthorized/illegal movies, gambling are strictly prohibited. Anyone found doing the same will be fined to one time Rs. 5000/- as punishment. Second repetition will lead to expulsion from the Hostel.

The residents  of  the  hostel  are  not  permitted  to  keep  any  inflammable material, fire arms or any other objectionable material in their rooms.

Residents of the hostels are not permitted to write, draw or paste on the walls of rooms, corridors and bathrooms. Such actions will be fined as deemed fit by Warden.

All cases of illness should be reported to the hostel warden immediately.

In case of any unacceptable behavior by the room-mate, the other roommate must report it to warden immediately.

Vandalism is a very serious offence. Hostellers found guilty will be liable for disciplinary action and may be fined and evicted from the hostel.

Room not to be left open and unattended when going out of the room. The Institute bears no responsibility of any of your belongings missing from the hostel. It is advised not to keep more than Rs. 1000/- cash in hand at any point of time.

The cleanliness of the rooms is the duty of the occupants.

The common facilities i.e. the Common Rooms, Corridors; Bathrooms etc. are to be kept clean and hygienic all the time.

Drying of cloths outside designated area and stacking dirty clothes in the room is not allowed.

All lights and fans to be switched off when leaving the room. Any violation shall be fined as deemed fit by the Warden.

After every use of toilet proper flushing is to be done. Water should be carefully used and not wasted.

Playing in the corridors is NOT allowed.

A TV is provided in common room of hostel. However, the wardens may regulate the timings of viewing.

All wards should enter the mess only in decent dress. The dress code deemed fit by the Warden is final & binding to all Hostellers.

No Diner should waste food and shall interact with mess staff in a courteous manner. After eating the food in the Dining Hall, the hosteller shall leave the utensil at its designated place/ bins.

All corridors and common areas in the hostel will be cleaned by the Institute housekeeping staff.

All waste and rubbish must be placed in bags, which when full are to be tied and deposited in the containers in the designated places. Under no circumstances should waste and rubbish be placed in the corridors or out of the balcony/ windows. Students are asked not to throw anything out of the windows or to store anything on the outside window edge. Debris is to be thrown only in the dustbins provided in the hostels.

Students should bring to the notice of the warden any pending maintenance work (Civil, Carpentry, Electrical, Sanitatory) to be carried out in rooms, corridors, toilets or other areas in hostel premises.

The Sports Coordinator will manage the sports centre inside the Institute campus.

The Institute will arrange to have basic sports like Volley ball, basket ball, badminton, Cricket and football. Indoor games including table tennis, carom board, chess and board games.

Institute will not arrange for sports consumables like shuttle corks, table tennis balls, and badminton racket etc. for student’s use. Students are encouraged to take part in these activities with their own accessory. Students will have to adhere to the norms for shoes, clothes, timings, cleaning etc. as prescribed by the person in charge.

Hostel Management reserves the right to make spot checks of the rooms and the common area without giving prior notice to the students.

Ragging of students admitted to the Institute is totally banned. Any violation of this by the senior students will be dealt with very severely as per the Institute norms and guidelines issued from time to time by the competent authorities. Freshers should report incidents of ragging immediately. Those who do not do so even when being witnesses or victims, will be considered to be part of this practice, and will also be punished accordingly.

Moving in the staff / faculty residential sector or near the Girls hostel premises after 10.00 pm is strictly prohibited and such cases will be dealt strongly.

Hostellers are not supposed to go out in large groups which are difficult to control. If you get involved in unpleasant situations, you are not the only one to be affected. You end up creating a bad impression of our Institute too.

Day scholars and guests are not allowed in the hostel.

The institute encourages parents and family members to visit the Institute. However, they will be requested to adhere to certain timings to meet the students to avoid interference with the academic schedule. Parents and family members are welcome to eat in the mess on fixed charges. However, prior information for this may be given to the mess incharge, as far as possible. Parents and family members can visit the students in the hostel also but entry in the room will only be with the permission from the warden.

In boys’ hostels, the parents of students may visit the student in his room after due permission from warden/assistant warden and after making proper entry at the hostel gate.

Male students/visitors are not allowed inside the girls’ hostel.

Female visitors are not allowed in boys’ hostels, however, lady family members may be allowed to visit a student in the visitors’ room in the hostel between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. with prior permission from the Warden.

Institute makes arrangements for minor ailments like cold, headaches, First Aid etc. For any major treatment parents will be informed to do needful.

The medical officer deputed at institute health centre shall examine the cases at the OPD / indoor (at the hostel in the cases of serious illness) and take necessary line of treatment utilizing the available resources, free of cost.

In case of prolong illness, injury or accident or requiring hospitalization, the local guardian shall be responsible to take care of the ward and take him/ her temporarily from the hostel. In case the local guardian fails to take the responsibility of the ward within stipulated time, the management will not be responsible for the well being of the student.

All cases of illness shall be reported to the Hostel warden/ Asst. hostel warden who in turn shall inform the Principal and / or the Institute Medical Officer.

Before seeking a leave, the parent should inform the Institute by sending an email to warden duly signed by them/sent from the email id declared at the time of admission, after which the leave will be sanctioned. The Signature of the parent will be cross checked with the original taken at the time of the Admission.

Any resident desiring to go out of station (weekends & holidays) or stay outside overnight must take the written permission of the warden during the Institute hours. For weekday leaves approval of Principal/Authorized Representative is required along with Class Teacher & Hostel Warden. Both weekday & weekend leaves should be approved by the parents. Every leave must be recorded in the leave register and an entry must be made in the register available in the office of the Hostel Warden before leaving the hostel. Students absenting  themselves  from  the  hostel  beyond  specified  hours without  prior  permission  from  Warden  will  be  considered  as  a  case  of indiscipline & unauthorized absence & liable to strict disciplinary action.

A boarder may be expelled from the Hostel by the Principal, if the boarder is in the habit of staying away without the permission or found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline. Student once expelled from the hostel on disciplinary ground will not be eligible for hostel seat allotment further.

The hostel can be got vacated at any time by the Principal of the Institute without assigning any reason. The Principal or the authorized representative reserves the right to modify, alter or add to the rules at any time at his discretion & without notice.

In case of opting out/ expulsion of the Hosteller during the semester, the refund would be as follows:-

a) Hostel Charges- No refund for the remaining period.

b) Mess Charges- Refund is admissible month wise only, not on day basis.

c) The boarder has to inform the Warden. Asst warden and must clear “No dues” certificate and gate pass from him, otherwise he/she will not be allowed to leave the Institute premises. Breaching the above code may be liable to grave penalty.

After the even semester examination, students must vacate the hostel within 48 hours from the last examination.

Before vacating the rooms, all the electrical installations including the fan should be handed over intact, in addition to the furniture and fixture to the Warden. The student should fill up the Room No Dues/ Room vacating Slip in duplicate and obtain Gate pass from warden.

Once the hostel room clearance formalities are over students must vacate the room immediately. For temporary safe keeping of his belongings he/she may have to take written permission with list of his belongings from concerned Hostel warden.

During summer or long vacations, the students are to collect all their belongings of their rooms in the polypack provided by the Institute, tie them, label them with Name and class and put in the common room provided. Surrender the room to the warden so that the institute can renovate/ maintain the rooms in time.

Mess Timing

Timing From To
Breakfast 07.30 AM 08.15 AM
Lunch(weekends & holidays) 01.00 PM 02.00 PM
Evening tea 5.30 PM 06.00 PM
Dinner 08.30 PM 09.30 PM

No one is allowed to dine in the room unless in the case of sickness.

Outside food and cooking of food inside the hostel room/ corridor is strictly prohibited.

These rules are also available on Institute website “www.ihmjodhpur.com” under student section.

Principal reserves the right to frame/amend rules in part or full, at any point of time and such rules/amendments shall be binding for both hostellers & the warden.

Do not overstep the social and moral limits, help us to help you.

Hostel fine fund will be utilized for hostel upkeep, as would be decided by the hostel maintenance committee and hostel administration. The fine funds are to be accounted clearly and are subject to internal audit.

The amount of fine to be imposed against the type of indiscipline will be decided by the hostel administration.

Each Hostel is a self-contained unit with amenities such as a reading area/room, an indoor games room, a lounge, Warden Office and Guest room.

Reading area/room with Hindi and English newspapers, and magazines.

Separate space for watching TV with approximately 50 chairs.

Indoor sports room has Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom-board.

A lounge for the visitors and parents of the students with good sitting arrangement and proper display of the information about the hostel.

A furnished Warden Office in which Warden/Assistant to Warden regularly visits with fixed timings, so that the students can communicate their problems or difficulties, if any.

Furnished Guest room for the parents of the students to be allotted with the permission of the Warden.

Dining Hall is equipped with:

Proper sitting arrangement for 100 to 150 students to be accommodated at a time.

Mess supervisor available during the mess timings.

Provision of additional/supplement food items on coupon basis.

UV/RO purified Drinking Water unit.

Proper hand washing arrangement with soap and sanitizer.

Hygienic conditions in the entire mess area is ensured with installed stainless steel equipments and fixtures.

Adequate number of toilets and bathrooms with their regular maintenance.

Safe drinking water provided on each floor and wing.

Display Boards giving the information about the hostel staff, hostel rules, precautions and suggestive measures etc.

Provision of conduction of regular health check up camps.

For operational convenience Mess menu Committee, Hostel Maintenance & Cleanliness Committee, Hostel Sports Committee, Hostel Discipline Committee and Hostel News paper/ Magazine committee are formed. In addition to this Warden-representative will be nominated by Warden. Working through these responsible bodies, the students themselves lay down appropriate norms of behavior to suit different situations and social occasions in the hostels.

For any assistance contact to :

  1. Sohan Singh Meena (Chief Warden) 94141 97791
  2. Nishant Singh (Asst. Warden) 79765 97625
  3. Gulnaaz Siddiqui (Asst. Warden) 82092 82058